Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Movie Review

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a sequel that was released on September 24, 2010. Although some characters are the same, the plot is not exactly the same. As we will talk about soon, although the character of Bud Fox is the main character in the first movie, he appears in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps for about 10 seconds. This movie series is an adventure film that appeals to a wide audience rather than being shot to learn about the educational and financial crisis (The Big Short, Margin Call, Inside Job). You can enjoy the movie without having to know definitions or understand numbers like in other movies or documentaries. Let’s start with what happened in the first movie and summarize the topics. A young man named Bud Fox insists on calling Gordon Gekko’s office every day and asking to talk to him. One day, he gets a chance to talk to Gekko and gives him confidential information about the company where his father works. With this information, Gekko predicts that the company’s shares will rise, and he tells Bud to buy the shares. Bud buys and saves Gekko a large amount of money. One day, Gekko asks Bud to follow his rival Larry and tell him which company he will invest in. Bud learns and tells Gekko. Gekko also earns money from here. Their relationship progresses and together they start making money by getting inside information. One day, a dispute breaks out between them, and Bud and Larry have Gekko lose money and have him caught and sent to jail.

In the second film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Gordon Gekko is finally released from prison. He meets the man who is going to marry his daughter and helps Jake find out who killed Jake’s idol. Things happen and Jake learns that his fiancee has $ 100 million left over from Winnie’s father and asks him to invest that money in the energy company he dreams of. Gordon Gekko steals this money while Winnie and Jake do this. Now he’s back on the markets and starts to make a lot of money again. But when he realizes that Winnie and Jake have a baby and that he will be his grandfather, he gives them the money back.

I recommend you to watch this movie, I wish you a good time. You can read the first movie’s review here.

Wall Street (1987) Movie Review

The movie Wall Street is a classic drama / comedy movie that is watched by everyone who is not related to the subject. The sequel of Wall Street, released in 1987, has also been published in recent years and attracted great attention. Being one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to stock market, this movie has inspired many people for many years and helped them determine their future. As we guessed, the movie Wall Street is about a young person living in New York on Wall Street, meeting Gordon Gekko and changing his life. Bud Fox is a clever broker trying to be successful in his business, choosing Wall Street, not a lawyer or doctor, at the request of his family. He calls Gordon Gekko’s investor billionaire’s office every day, hoping to be successful at first and eventually get somewhere. Bud seizes this opportunity on Gekko’s birthday, all he wants is to talk to Gordon Gekko for 5 minutes. Although he was unable to influence Gekko at the beginning, he accidentally gave insider information about the company his father worked for, even though he had no such purpose. Gekko trusts Bud and tells him to buy the company’s shares. Buys Bud and shares rise in the following days, breaking records and earning Gekko millions.

Bud this time caught Gekko’s eyes. Gekko gives him some money and asks him to invest this money wisely in companies and make money. Bud doesn’t get lucky and loses some of the money. Gekko gives up hope of him, but Bud stubbornly asks him for one last chance. Gekko the hopeless one He asks Bud to find out why Gekko’s rival, Larry, came to town and what companies he was interested in. Bud finds out, and with a clever plan, they do great harm to Larry. Bud Fox is now a precious person in Gekko’s eyes. They do business together for a long time, and one day Bud tells Gekko that he should buy his father’s airline company and take over him and he thinks they will make a lot of money. Gekko buys the company, but after a while decides to divest the company with profits without telling Bud. Bud gets angry, they fight, and Bud goes to Gekko’s greatest rival, Larry. Larry and Bud get along and cause Gekko to lose big money. After this incident, SEC Bud goes after Fox and Gekko. The SEC makes a deal with Bud to give Gekko away, and they put Gekko in prison for many years. Of course, Bud also has to go to jail for a short time. I recommend you all to watch this incredibly exciting movie series. But instead of being impressed by these films, young people who want to do this or a similar job in the future should really investigate the business in detail and decide whether they want money to come. In spite of everything, I recommend that you all watch it, I can easily say that this movie series is now one of the legends.

The Mentalist Series Review

The Mentalist is a crime drama that started airing on September 23, 2008 and finalized on February 18, 2014, consists of 7 seasons and each episode lasts for an average of 40 minutes. This series, which every person should watch, was aired on CBS. Although the series is set in a state-owned investigative / crime solving unit, it later gets involved in the FBI and progresses with a larger-scale team. The main characters of The Mentalist are very interesting and rare people. In particular, Patrick Jane’s intelligence and observation power, which no one else has, will be one of our main issues. Let’s briefly talk about our main characters.


1-Patrick Jane: Patrick Jane, who is referred to as Jane, has an incredible intelligence. Jane, whose childhood takes place in fairgrounds and circuses, reads people just like Sherlock Holmes and analyzes their characteristics with a single glance within seconds. Jane, who tells people that she can see their future, but knows that this is a bench that she makes for money only, grows up by doing this profession. He marries and has a daughter. Shortly after, he appeared on TV to talk about the long-known killer “Red John” and annoyed “Red John”. Red John kills Patrick’s family and Patrick’s whole world falls on him. To inquire about the incident, he goes to the crime unit handling the Red John case and meets the team there. Helping them with a case, Jane influences those around her and she gets a job as a counselor. Solving all cases in a very short time and having an incredibly different perspective, Jane’s goal is not to help justice, but to advance in the Red John case, find her identity and kill her.

As we saw later in the series, he achieves this goal, but realizes that Red John is just a vehicle, that almost the entire police unit is corrupt and manages a huge area. He kills Red John, collapses with this malicious FBI (though not willingly), and is forced to flee the country as he becomes a criminal. The FBI contacts him and tells him if he wants to work for the FBI, and if he does, his crimes will be dropped. Jane accepts, they start working with Teresa at the FBI.


2-Teresa Lisbon: Teresa is a very successful female cop. The life of Lisbon, which has achieved success and rises in a short time, changes when he meets Patrick Jane. Lisbon, who cares for the law and believes that keeping Jane under control is its own test, while liking Patrick.


3-Kimball Cho: I can say that Asian cop Cho, who used to be a gang member, is my favorite character in The Mentalist series. He is cool, cool, familiar from the streets, and a complete man of duty.


4-Wayne Rigsby: He is in love with Wayne Grace, whose father is a criminal and therefore put his mind to be a cop since he was little. As we will see in the later chapters of The Mentalist, Grace and Wayne are getting married, and they also have a child. They open their own company after the malicious organization collapses and Red John is killed.


5-Grace Van Pelt: Grace is the last member to join the team. He is enthusiastic, fearless and courageous.


Although the characters of The Mentalist are like this, I can say that the series is one of the best crime series I have seen so far. It is definitely a top level production, both with its script and its actors. I wish this series, which often turns us around and makes us excited, did not end. I recommend this series, which should definitely be watched by those who do not watch. And I wish everyone a good time.

How I Met Your Mother Series Review


How I Met Your Mother is a comedy series that started on September 19, 2005 and ended on March 31, 2014. It has valuable actors like Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan. The series, whose category is Romantic Comedy, has 9 seasons and 208 episodes. Episode lengths are approximately 22 minutes. This well-loved comedy series with an Imdb score of 8.4 was broadcast on CBS. We can easily say that the producers of the series, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, did a really good job. You can watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix right now. If you want one of the characters of the TV series How I Met Your Mother, where you can watch a lot of episodes in a day without getting bored, let’s take a look together:


1-Ted Mosby: Ted Mosy, which we can also call our main character, starts the series by telling his daughter and son what he has lived with himself and his friends. Of course, Ted, whose main purpose is to explain how he met his mother, extends this and thanks to him, we are watching to the fullest. Ted Mosby, as we remember from The Architect quote, Ted Mosby is an architect. Although his career did not seem to progress at the beginning, he later became the youngest architect to build a skyscraper in New York and appeared in magazines. While Ted has a tumultuous relationship with Robin, of course, the person he married isn’t Robin. Children meet their mothers last. Young and not losing faith in love most of the time, Ted eventually finds him, albeit late, after searching for the person who suits him for years.


2-Barney Stinson: Barney, which I can call arguably the funniest character in the series, played by Neil Patrick Harris, is a really interesting character. We can say that her most important features are her relationship with women, her wealth and her suits. Barney is deceived as a teenager and his life changes completely. She gets her hair cut, just starts wearing a suit (even a suit-shaped pajama while lying down), and changes her way of looking at women. He starts working in the company where the man his lover cheated on him, and rises to the top ranks (later in the last episodes he catches his boss by the police and takes his revenge after a long time).


He also meets Ted Mosby in a bar. When they met, all he said to Ted on the toilet is “Ted, I’m going to change your life.” It really does. He has always been with Ted, even though they have had a tumultuous relationship. Another highlight of Barney is his PlayBook. PlayBook is a book by Barney in which there are various games and plans to hook up with and deceive women. Some of them are so absurd that (lorenzo von matterhorn) surprises you. Some are also so sweet (The Robin) that it melts your heart. Later, they marry Robin but later divorce.


3-Marshall Eriksen: Marshall Eriksen is also known as Ted Mosby’s best friend. At the very beginning, the lawyer becomes a judge later. It protects and loves the environment. He is from Minnesota. It is loyal, funny and affectionate. He has a little flawed relationship with Lily. They are married and have children too.


4-Lily Aldrin: Marshall’s wife. She is a kindergarten teacher. He loves art and paints a lot. He is a fun and gossipy character.


5-Robin Scherbatsky: She is a Canadian female character. It is tough. He likes hockey. It is beautiful. She has been in an affair with Ted and Barney. He is the news presenter. He has risen rapidly in his career. Although it was not easy to get any job at the beginning, towards the end of the series, you start to see its advertisements on buses.


I recommend you to watch a classic sitcom like How I Met Your Mother in such a short time and wish you a good time.

Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool 1 Summary


Deadpool is a comedy / action movie that was released on February 12, 2016. Deadpool, produced by Marvel Entertainment, has become one of the 20 most watched motion pictures in the world. The film, which has a score of approximately 8 out of ten on Imdb, was loved by everyone and soon its second movie was shot. The most important difference from Marvel’s other movies is that Deadpool has action scenes as well as plenty of comedy scenes. The film is about what happened to Wade Wilson, a former special forces soldier. Again, different from other Marvel movies, the movie is told from Wade’s own mouth. Let’s summarize briefly the subject of this incredible and extraordinary movie.

Wade Wilson, a former soldier, is nowadays a hired worker who intimidates evil people. One day, he runs into Vanessa, whom he will fall in love with, in the bar he frequented. The two understand each other very well and live their lives full and happy.

One day Wade finds out that he has cancer. It is not just an ordinary cancer, it is a cancer that has spread all over the body and came unnoticed until the last stage. One day, while Wade awaits his death, he runs into an unknown man in a suit at the bar. This man tells Wade that he can cure his cancer and call him if he agrees. Wade agrees, and this will be one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made in his life. Wade is used as a guinea pig and mutated and now becomes an immortal and highly skilled person. Of course, the consequences of this will be grave, it will both lose its cherished appearance and risk itself and its loved ones. Wade will of course not give up, he will fight to the end, and in the end he will get the life he deserves.

We can summarize the subject of the Deadpool movie in this way. Of course, there will be unexpected places in the movie, you will both laugh and be excited. Nothing could be expected other than a movie that featured talented and well-known actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and Ed Skrein. The movie is a fun, extraordinary production that anyone over the age of 15 can watch. I recommend the movie Deadpool to everyone, I wish you a pleasant view.

Deadpool 2 Movie Review

Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 is a comedy / action movie that was released on May 18, 2018. It came out as the second movie of the Deadpool series. The movie Deadpool 2 broke box office records all over the world, grossing over $ 700 million. Although the Imdb score of the film is less than the first film, in general, the film was very successful and had a great repercussion in the world. Compared to the first movie, dozens of new characters have been added, and the story is viewed from a broader perspective. While the story of his transformation into Wade Wilson and Deadpool was told in the first movie, the X-Men were shown in more detail in the second movie, and characters that can travel in time were added. It should also be said that the age range of the Deadpool 2 movie is wider compared to the first film, and less sexuality and swearing are included. Let’s talk briefly about the Deadpool 2 movie.

Wade and Vanessa’s lives are progressing very happily. They even decided to have children, they decided to maximize their relationship. But an unexpected problem arises: Vanessa is killed and Wade’s world falls on her head. He does not eat for days, does not stand up, does not even go to the toilet. Now he has come to such a point that he tries to commit suicide but fails. At this point, the X-Men team comes to their aid. They look after Wade for a while and then ask him to join their team. Wade agrees, but things are not going well, he killed someone again. He is caught by the police and taken to prison. He will try to protect his roommate, Rusty, who is still a child, from a soldier from the future. Of course, in this process, there will be difficulties that he never expected and losses that he will have to inflict. But no matter what, he will cooperate with the right people and strive to do the right thing, even for the first time in his life.


The Deadpool 2 movie is a more emotional and lessonable movie compared to the first movie. As it is said in the movie, this production can be considered as a family movie. In addition to their families, children can also watch, provided that they are in control. People of all ages will be happy to watch the Deadpool 2 movie and experience strong emotions while watching the movie. I recommend you all watch this magnificent movie, I wish you a good time.

Charlie’s Angels Movie Review

What Is Charlie’s Angels And Why Is It A Classic


Charlie’s Angels is an Action-Comedy movie that was released on November 29, 2019. It is the third movie in the Charlie’s Angels series. Charlie’s Angels represent spy women, each more talented and intelligent. These women are identified, trained and prepared for missions. These agents, which are used for good purposes, can be everyone from old to young. One of the most important features of these agents is that they are women. As the movie says, it takes 7 seconds longer for someone to perceive a woman as a threat than a man. Using both these advantages and their sexuality, they can complete their tasks without being noticed.

Although there is not a wide variety of characters in the movie, it should not be overlooked that all of them have their own interesting features. The soundtrack of the movie was made by Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus. As you can see from these names, a huge budget has been allocated to the film. Like our singers, the cast of the movie is made up of very big names. Kristen Stewart, whom we know from the Twilight series, Naomi Scott, whom we know from the movie Aladdin, and Ella Balinska, who is more of a young but talented one. I think the movie can be watched just because of the cast. It should also be said that an important part of the movie is also set in Istanbul. If you want, let me start to explain the characters and the subject.

Charlie’s Angels Movie Characters


1-Sabina Wilson: Portrayed by Kristen Stewart. He was born at the age of 28 on Park Avenue. Sabina’s life, who has been involved in crime since her childhood, was officially saved when she joined Charlie’s Angels.


2-Elena Houghlin: Even though Elena appears to be just a scientist at the very beginning of the movie, she joins Charlie’s Angels at the end of the movie. He is very intelligent and, as we saw at the end of the movie, he does better in training than his colleagues.


3-Jane Kano: Jane is the youngest of the Angels. He is a former MI6, British foreign intelligence worker. It is the person who made them connect with Fatima in Istanbul. He is one of the Angels trained by Edgar, who died at the beginning of the movie.


4-John Bosley: John is a Bosley who has trained Charlie’s Angels for many years and has established an organization in the country. As we will see at the end of our movie, he is our villain in the movie. He did not know what to do when he was forced and tried to steal Calisto.


The main characters of our movie have these characteristics. I recommend you to watch this movie with really interesting characters, I wish you a good time.

Catch Me If You Can Movie Review

Summary Of “Catch Me If You Can”

Today I will tell you about the movie Catch Me If You can. The movie Catch Me If You Can was released on January 31, 2003 and is an adventure drama film for 2 hours and 21 minutes. One of the most remarkable features of the movie is the cast. Steven Spielberg is the director of this film, which starred the world’s most famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken. If you want, let’s start talking about the characters of our classic movie Catch Me If You Can.


1-Frank Abagnale Jr: Frank Jr. is the main character of our movie. It is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. A very young character, Frank started a scam shortly after his mother cheated on his father and thus became rich. Frank Jr. is a pilot in an airline company, a prosecutor in Louisiana, a doctor in a hospital and many more unimaginable roles. He earns his money by fraudulent checks. Although he is very young, he makes the most professional fake checks in the country. After a while, the FBI will go after Frank Jr., and Frank Jr. will go to jail. He will also be engaged in the following minutes of the movie. Frank Jr. After being caught and jailed, he will be released by the FBI and will start working with the FBI. He is the most knowledgeable person in the country about Czech fraud.

2-Frank Abagnale Sr: He is the father of Frank Jr. He is a World War 2 veteran. Frank, formerly very wealthy and prestigious, is in a difficult position when he is accused of tax evasion and will lose most of his money. He will be deceived and die by falling on the train tracks.

3-Carl Hanratty: He is an FBI agent trying to catch Frank Jr. He is an expert on Czech fraud. He has a daughter. He went to great lengths to catch Frank Jr.

4-Brenda Strong: Brenda is Frank Jr’s fiancee. She is a nurse.

5-Paula Abagnale: She is Frank Jr’s mother. They married Frank in France. He cheats on Frank with Jack Barnes and Frank’s old clubmate. From her marriage to Jack Barnes, she has a daughter.


Although we have a wide variety of characters in the movie, I think it will be enough to talk about them for now. We can summarize the subject of our movie as follows: Frank Abagnale Jr. he is a very smart young man. The teenage years are turbulent because of his father’s tax evasion and his mother cheating on his father with one of his clubmates. Frank Jr. specializes in checks and check fraud with incredible determination. At this age, Frank Jr. In this way, he cashes checks and gets rich. But the FBI won’t stop chasing Frank Jr. They catch it and bring it to America. Frank gets out of jail prematurely and starts working for the FBI.

The story of Frank Jr. still alive. Frank Jr., who is now 71 years old. He lives in New York and has 3 sons. I recommend this incredible movie Catch Me If You Can, which tells this fascinating life story, and I wish you a good time.

Best Wall Street Movies In History

Most people are interested in the stock market for some part of their lives. He searches, reads books, watches videos, and the stock market feels boring to some. You do not need to follow this path, because if you watch even one of the top 10 stock market movies, you can understand how the stock market and the economy are both educational and fun at the same time. So I compiled for you the top 10 stock market movies I’ve watched so far, I hope you like it.


1) Wall Street (1987)

It is possible to understand how good the movie Wall Street is, just by looking at its name and release date. I also recommend this movie that every investor interested in the stock market has watched. The movie Wall Street is about a talented teenager meeting Bud Fox’s big investor Gordon Gekko. You can find the long summary of the movie Wall Street here.


2) Inside Job

Inside Job is a documentary film that presents us the causes and consequences of the 2008-2009 economic crisis, down to the smallest detail. One of the most important features of Inside Job is that it talks to hundreds of people and looks at things from everyone’s perspective. You may not laugh or laugh while watching this movie, but there is no limit to what you will learn. You can find the long summary of the movie Inside Job here.


3) The Big Short

The Big Short movie deals with the financial crisis of the late 2000s. The cast is quite remarkable. The movie is based on events and that makes everything more interesting. Although those who have knowledge of finance and economics will be able to fully understand the film, the producers want everyone from seven to seventy to understand the film, so they have the celebrities we love explain the terms used. You may not fully understand it right now, but you sure will love it when you watch the movie.


4) Margin Call 

Margin Call is an independent film about the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis. Unlike other films, it is not about the events and consequences of the economic crisis, but the events that happened when the economic crisis was just beginning. The film is about a company that realizes this before the crisis begins. Very soon a crisis will begin, its shares will plummet. There are two options. They will either sell their shares as if nothing else and bankrupt a company that has survived for more than a hundred years, or they will collapse with everyone else, losing all their money.


5) Boiler Room

The movie Boiler Room is about an unsuccessful student at school entering the business life and achieving great success. If you plan to become a broker or build a sales related future, I strongly recommend you to watch this movie. Even Ben Affleck’s line will change your life anyway: There is no such thing as a phone call without sales. Sales are made in every conversation. Either you sell the stake to the client, or he sells you the excuse he can’t buy. Both types of sales are made. The noble question is who ties whom, is that you?


6) The Wolf Of Wall Street

We can easily say that The Wolf Of Wall Street is one of the most watched stock market movies in the world. The Wolf Of Wall Street does not deal with an economic crisis unlike most economy / stock market movies. The film is about a young man named Jordan Belfort defrauding hundreds of thousands of people and getting rich with his company. The interesting thing is that this story really happened.


7) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a sequel to Wall Street. In the first film, it tells about one of the main characters, Gordon Gekko, coming out of prison and the experiences of Jacob Moore, whom we will meet. Although it is not as good and classic as the first movie, it is one of the best. I recommend you all watch this series. You can find the long summary of the film here.


8) Too Big To Fail

Too Big To Fail is a biographical drama film based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book. One of the most important features of the movie is that it shows us all the facts. The film was released in May 2011. If you are wondering what the economic crisis is, I recommend you watch this movie.


9) Enron: The Smartest Guy In The Room-Enron: Awakenings of the Market

Enron: The Smartest Guy In The Room is a documentary film about how the world energy giant Enron company went bankrupt in a short time. The Enron company is known as one of the biggest scams in the world. The reason for the bankruptcy of Enron and the unemployment of tens of thousands of people is due to the fact that its top executives play with the balance sheet. I recommend this movie to everyone, I wish you a good view.


10) Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader tells about Nick Leeson, who works as a broker in a bank, making big risky moves with the money of his clients, in other words, gambling and the events that happened to him. Nick, who is almost an addict, gets ambitious as he loses, and the more he gets ambitious, the more he gets involved in illegal business. Not knowing where to stop, Nick lost nearly $ 1 billion to the bank he worked for, and on top of that he tried to beat the market by ignoring the laws. Rogue Trader is a must watch movie for anyone considering a stock market business in the future.